Birthday Parties

Gift your kids with a truly unparalleled Birthday experience! Click for more details...

We''l Make Planning A Breeze!

At Warrior Park Athletics we're trained experts in the art of the party. Our fully loaded game-day experiences will make your next birthday party planning experience a dream.
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Each party is hosted by our Incredible Warrior Park instructors, participants are led through an action packed session of obstacles, games, and activities. Parties include access to our party room, with full-size fridge and freezer.​

PA Day Events

EMPOWER your students with a Field Trip to one of the most interactive sport for development compounds this side of the Grand River. The WPA Performance Centre exits as both a Ninja Warrior gym and a culturally relevant educational opportunity. Click for more...

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The WPA Performance Centre exits as both a Ninja Warrior gym and a culturally relevant educational opportunity. Students will have the chance to engage in our action packed Ninja Warrior circuit while also getting a chance to experience an interactive presentation about the the Six Nations Community.

Students will be coached through our WPA Core Principles of Leadership, Focus, Vision, Preparation, and Elevation. This in turn will help them understand teamwork, collaboration, and conquering obstacles.

Open GYM

Open gym time is great way to practice and explore the different obstacles at your own pace. Click for more...

Conquer The Obstacles

Work on and learn from one of our certified trainers or just play on the obstacles. Either way our exciting obstacles are available year round. What are you waiting for?

Our Open Gym programming is subject to date and time availability. Please contact our staff for available dates & times.

Adult & Youth Classes

Ninja Warrior training is not specialized, and like few programs out there, focuses on athletes, not the sport. Our goal is to make your child the best well rounded athlete they can be. Click here for more...

Inclusive Programming

Our certified warrior park trainers will lead participants through a combination of age appropriate skill development on the obstacles as well as fitness focused games, friendly competitions and drills.
Youth Training

Classes will help develop confidence, boost strength and stamina, and improve cardiovascular health, all in a safe environment. Our structured program has a strength component, a conditioning aspect and, of course, a fun component.

Warrior Training for Youth

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